This week’s hint, plus a note from the University of Minnesota Bookstore

There’s still time for you to answer this week’s trivia question at Uncle Hugo’s / Uncle Edgar’s or the University of Minnesota Bookstore. Need a hint? We’re happy to help:

  • This writer will be a part of the Library Foundation of Hennepin County’s 2009-2010 Pen Pals Lecture Series.

One of the goals of the scavenger hunt is to introduce, or re-introduce, as the case may be, readers and writers to the many wonderful bookstores in the region. With that in mind, here’s a note from the good people at the University of Minnesota Bookstore:

We have been in our present location since 03-03-03, but there have been University of Minnesota Bookstores for decades.    Our store is 46,000  square feet, with 11,000 devoted to the General Books area. We also have clothing, electronics, supplies, a Medical Book area, and of course,  textbooks.

We have over 100,000 titles in stock, and are particularly strong in the  areas of fiction/literature/poetry, as well as philosophy, history and political science. We do have books in all disciplines (travel, cooking, children’s, sports,) that comprise a complete general bookstore.   We offer special order service as well as a broad selection of titles based on our buyers’ long experience in books.   We also have more University Press titles than any bookstore in town.

We are experienced in hosting author events and usually do 20 – 30 a month (during the school year) either in our store or at other venues around campus.  Our bookstore web page includes a listing of upcoming events, as well as a link to podcasts of all past events.    We currently have a Book Lover’s list of over 1200 people who receive notice of events and special sales via email.

Happy hunting!


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