Around the Literary Twin Cities in (Almost) 80 Days is a city-wide scavenger hunt that takes participants to bookstores across the Twin Cities in celebration of the significant anniversaries of Coffee House Press, Graywolf Press, Milkweed Editions, and the Loft Literary Center. We know you’ll love discovering (or rediscovering) the rich literary culture in our cities, and the prizes you’ll receive at these venues–from mystery emporiums, to museum shops, to bastions of independent booksellers from Wayzata to Hudson, Wisconsin, to (legend has it) one of the busiest Barnes & Nobles in the country–that populate our great region. Minneapolis was, after all, named the most literate city of 2008.

The scavenger hunt launched at the Twin Cities Book Festival on October 10, 2009, and runs until December 26th (that’s 78 days, for the record). And you can join the hunt anytime. Each Sunday, The Star Tribune, The Pioneer Press, and this web site will release a new trivia question, which participants must answer correctly at one of that week’s two designated destinations. Answer correctly and you’ll get a prize. (Hint: check back on Wednesdays for clues!) Additionally, participants will receive a passport to be stamped at every location they visit. The person who has the most stamps at the end of the competition will win a grand prize worth over $1,000. 

Thank you for your continued support of independent literature (with special thanks to Bookmobile for generously donating posters for the event). We hope you’ll join us on this literary quest!

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